Leaking Tank

If you have a major leak,  shut off the water supply to the solar storage tank and then cut off the main water supply to the house. Immediately call our emergency number to schedule someone to come out and address the problem. 571-207-6527.
If you have a minor leak, soak up as much water as possible then put several towels around the base of the tank to prevent the water from traveling. Next aim several fans at the towels to help evaporate the water and then call for service.

Electrical Fire

If you can safely unplug the controller, do so. Use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. DO NOT USE WATER! If the fire starts to spread, call 911 and evacuate the house!
If you only detect a burning smell, unplug the controller and immediately call for service.

If any part of the PV system catches fire, try to safely turn off the disconnect switch and then call 911 and have everyone exit the home!

Leaking Pool Panel

If you have a major leak, immediately turn off the pool pump. Divert the controller to bypass the solar panels and then turn the pump back on and call for service.