Solar Pool Heating

Installing a solar pool heating system will increase the amount of time your swimming pool can be comfortably used during the year.  Solar Pool Heating is a cost-effective and environmentally conscious way of keeping your pool warm. If your swimming pool is frequently too cold, you are not getting the most value out of your backyard investment and by installing a solar pool heating system you can add up to 3 months to your swimming season.



Once installed, solar pool heating systems use no additional energy to produce your hot water and require no maintenance.  While the initial investment in solar may be higher than conventional heating methods, the true value comes from the energy savings!  A natural gas heater can cost thousands to install, but heating a 15’x30’ pool for a season can cost upwards of $3000! And while electric heat pumps may cost less to operate over the course of a season, typically around $2000, the initial investment can be $2500-5000!  And these figures don’t even include the added expense of annual maintenance! So, in as little as 3 years, a solar pool heating system can pay for itself in energy savings, and without lifting a single finger!



Solar pool heaters use solar energy to provide a clean energy alternative to conventional heating sources that pollute the environment.



Once the panels are installed, you can relax in your warm pool without any additional maintence or cost involved.  The operation of the system is completely automated and the collectors automatically drain themselves when not in use!  So, when your swimming season is over, you shut down your pool like normal, and you’re done! No extra steps!


The Original Solar Pool Cover:



~1 EcosavrTM per 400 square feet of pool
surface area, which is approximately 15,000
gallons of water


~ 2 EcosavrTM can be used on a pool of 800
square feet, or about 30,000 gallons


~ Each EcosavrTM lasts for 25-30 days —
quick & easy 1 month application!


~ EcosavrTM is a versatile fish: you can put it
in the main body of your pool, tie it to a pool
ladder or vacuum, or put it in your skimmer


Cuts overnight heat loss in half. Get your pool
warmer, quicker…& keep it that way!
Reduces water lost to evaporation by up to 50%.
Less cold water you need to re-fill your pool with!
Easier to use than plastic pool blankets, which means
no more rollers, backaches or frustration!
Biodegradable & environmentally friendly… it won’t
break apart, leaving pieces clogging your filter!


Watch how easy using Ecosvr can be