PV Electric systems generally don’t require any maintenance. However, should anything fail or succumb to damage, we’re here to help! Just reach out to us and we’ll schedule an appointment to come out and evaluate and/or repair the problem.

If you have Enphase Micro Inverters:
In order for me to view your Enphase Micro Inverters on Enlighten, please click HERE to allow
my company access to view your system on the Enlighten app.

If you have SolarEdge String Optimizers:
In order for me to view your SolarEdge Optimizers, please download and fill out THIS form and send it
back to me.  You can also send a copy of the form directly to SolarEdge by emailing it
to: [email protected]

Once we have access to view your system, We’ll then take a look to see if we can determine what the problem is.  At that point, we’ll contact Enphase/SolarEdge to see if we need to schedule a site survey to diagnose the problem or just get replacement equipment under warranty. If you have some other setup, we’ll just schedule a site visit to look for reasons for failure such as component failure, a loose connection, or rodent damage.

If your system is under 10 years old, we recommend reinstallation. If your system is 10-20 years old, we usually recommend reinstalling, but suggest considering upgrading. (if you have Enphase microinverters, consider their Legacy Upgrade Program) If your system is over 20 years old, you should definitely consider replacing them! (Replacing this equipment would qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit!)