Solar Thermal (Hot Water)

The truth is, you have probably already spent enough money heating your water to purchase a solar system.
The problem is, you have nothing to show for it… and you’re still paying to heat your water. By installing a
Solar Thermal Water Heating system in your home, you drastically reduce the amount of energy it takes to
supply your family’s hot water needs. Plus, after a few years, the money you have saved on heating expenses
will have covered the cost of the solar system. Then, it’s just free hot water after that!


  • Solar thermal systems have been used since 1890 to heat residential water in the US. While the systems have evolved and become much more efficient, the key concept is the same: A collector gathers heat from the sun.
  • Fluid in a closed loop system passes through the collector, gathering the heat.
  • This warm water flows down to a heat exchanger where it safely transfers the heat to the water in your water heater.
  • You use this heated water just as you normally would, but your electric or gas water heater works 60 – 90% less, saving you money!
  • These systems are so reliable and efficient, that in Hawaii all new residential homes MUST come with a solar hot
    water system.



Most solar experts (at least those who don’t work for the PV companies) say you should invest in Solar Hot Water first, then consider Photovoltaic. Why?
  • Affordability – Solar Hot Water is a significantly smaller investment.
  • Value – SHW provides greater energy savings for each dollar invested. Allowing you to pay off your investment much faster than PV. And you’ll qualify for all the same incentives and tax credits.
  • Efficiency – SHW systems are much more efficient in gathering the suns energy (SHW = 60%+ , PV = 17%).
  • Lifespan – SHW systems last longer (SHW 40+ years vs. PV 20 years) and because this technology has been refined for over 100 years, your thermal collectors will not be obsolete like most PV panels.
  • Fit – SHW systems require much less space on your roof than PV, and are generally less visible. For example, 2 – 4’x8’ SHW collectors can produce as much energy as 16 solar PV panels, but will take up 25% of the space and cost half as much!
  • Flexibility – After you install solar thermal, you are still able to explore other green energy options like solar PV!
  • Made in America – Our systems are entirely made right here in the USA.


Click here to learn more on why customers should Think Thermal First.



  • Experience – In terms of hot water, you will always have at least as much hot water as you did before the system was installed. And during sunny weather you’ll never run out of hot water. Importantly, it doesn’t have to be hot outside for the system to work, if the sun is shining, it’s producing hot water!
  • Savings – These systems will save a family of 4 about $700-900 a year! And as utility rates increase, so do your savings! Learn more about this Great Investment!
  • Reliability – Because these systems have been refined for over 100 years and are made of rugged material like copper and aluminum, they will deliver dependable energy savings for over 35 years with limited maintenance. Additionally the individual components come with manufacturer’s warranty’s that protect you in the unlikely event of a component failing.


1. You will OWN your Solar Thermal system.


2. It captures CLEAN solar energy that you can use EVERY day.


3. The system increases the value of your home. A solar system has one of the highest recouped cost of any home addition and its value is based on the cost of energy, not your purchase price. A study by lawrence berkeley national laboratory showed that for every $1,000 in energy savings you provide to your home, the value of the home goes up by $20,000. So, if your solar system provides $500 worth of savings per year, then the increased value of the home has already paid for the cost of installing your system!


4. You pay for the system once, but it continues to put money in your pocket EVERY day. The money is not taxed and the flow will continue for as long as the sun shines.


5. The Federal Government is ENCOURAGING you to go solar with a 30% tax credit. The tax credit is good for the ENTIRE cost of the system (including installation), there is no maximum, and excess credit may be carried forward into future tax years.